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Discounted Yves Saint Laurent Outlet Store - USA UK Canada Australia Europe. Discounted Yves Saint Laurent Store Outlet Online High Quality YSL Bags, Handbags, Purses And Wallets. Five years ago, there are two themed fashion designer Coco Chanel biopic released in the same period chosen . Five years later, a similar situation happened again - another two to fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent biopic theme within the same time also be put on the agenda . The first movie was directed by Bertrand Bonello, a famous model and actress Gaspard Ulliel to play Buy Yves Saint Laurent Outlet. Saint Laurent. Film focuses on the Yves Saint Laurent brand in the 1960s, during the last century, the story of the rise of the seventies . The producers even pull to the brand now belongs to the parent company Kering Group to provide advice to the film background . Of course, the movie does not appear in the brand 's vintage clothing wear, but by costume designer Anais Romand archival collections based on the new version of the brand redesign .
And another movie is also a great background . This biopic directed by Yves Saint Laurent Store Lespert got a couple starred actor Pierre Niney design guru , and focus on the love Yves Saint Laurent and then companion and business partner Pierre Berge between the above. Berge deity is said to have begun to actively lose weight , to serve a brief appearance in the film played to prepare themselves in order to express strong support for Jalil Lespert version .
I remember that two Chanel biopic is also such a posture - a story of how entrepreneurship Yves Saint Laurent outlet handbags , another is focused on Chanel and Russian composer romance between lovers . But the difference is that although the two films that year and hit the same theme similar schedule , but fairly harmonious humility with each other. The Yves Saint Laurent biopic before the official start , the smell of gunpowder between the two sides is already full up .
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